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Environment Design

The Courtyard

Brief: The courtyard during the day is a place to gather information. The school is an ominous looming figure and there's something hostile about the landscape. 

Mood Shot

Blockout and basic texturing done in blender, and finished off in photoshop.

Mood Shot Thumbnails

Level Layout

Prop Design

Key Frames

The Cafeteria

The setting:  a stealth based horror game- set in circa 1960s America with the rise of psychology as a medical profession, unmetered by a lack of ethics board, and also by extension an uptick in asylums. This is also a period where Project MKUltra, what was broadly known as the ‘CIA mind control program’ was being carried out, oftentimes on mental health patients over a long period of years, where LSD was administered secretly and unconsensually without the knowledge of patients.

Objective: The protagonist is being sent to what they believe is a boarding school that has been repurposed from an old asylum.  The new friends they make start mysteriously disappear for long periods of time and when they come back, they come back wrong. The objective is to find them and break them out before the worst can happen

Mechanics: The game operates in 2 phases, the day phase where information is gathered and tools used for the break out, and the night phase where you break them out- be careful however, as the protagonist’s tenuous grasp on reality means that whatever rumours you hear during the day will manifest at night as a reality.

Key Frame

Call out

The human spitroast started out as a posed 3D Daz model that was imported into my Blender scene. Since the game's premise meant that things didn't have to conform to closely to 'real life', I wanted to really push the spit roast's rib cage out for a more striking silhouette upon first read.

Level Plan

The entire level was blocked out in Blender. I wanted to keep at least 3 paths open for traversal to each objective. 

The Pool

The protagonist is rescuing their friend with a deep fear of drowning, from hydrotherapy. The level should feature water/tubs/pipes heavily to emphasise the level theme.


Modelled and lit in blender, then brought into photoshop for the final painting.



Forest Ruins Level Design

A personal IP. My focus was on a fast paced and forward moving level that emphasised sliding and jumping actions. I wanted to design something that's fairly linear but with a lot of verticality and forward progression and ended up with a 'waterslide' like design.

Key Frames

Original 3D block outs

Initial style and mood exploration + preliminary character designs

Level Layout

Blocked out in blender.

Prop Design